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New and Changed in MicroStation CONNECT Edition Update 17

This topic summarizes the new features and enhancements in MicroStation CONNECT Edition Update 17,17.1 and 17.2.

(Technology Preview) Ability to control the display of Text Field background

You can now use the Text Field background option in the View Attributes dialog to control the display of the field background color. If On, text fields are displayed with a light grey background or the Field Background color defined in the Text Style. If off, will display text field without background.

(Technology Preview) Ability to Edit Graphical and Shared Cells in place

You can now edit graphic and shared cells after placement using the Edit Graphical Cell option in the cell's reset menu. This option activates the cell for editing.

Once done editing you can right-click and select the option Deactivate Cell Editing to stop further editing.

Note: These options are not available for cells that are part of the attached references. These options do not apply to cells nested within placed cells.

(Technology Preview) Ability to place Cloned Item Types information as Text

You can now place cloned Item Type information as text using the Clone Items dialog. When this element is selected, the text property displays as a single Text Node in the Properties dialog.

Ability to use the update field in the Edit Item Dialog

You can now use the update field in the Edit Item dialog based on the following functionality.
  • Place Text -Allows you to place the Item Type properties as text in the design when there is no text placed from the selected properties.
  • Update -Allows you to save any changes made to the item type properties.
  • Update and Place Text -Allows you to update and place modified values as text.

Ability to export empty item types to DWG and DXF formats

You can now export empty item types information (Item Types with no property values assigned) associated with elements in a DGN to DWG and DXF formats using the Save As DWG/DXF Options dialog. You can turn on the Export Empty Item Type Properties checkbox to enable saving to DWG and DXF formats with item type information.

Note: You can also setMS_DWG_EXPORT_EMPTYITEMTYPEPROPERTIES = 1 to enable this setting and set it ON by default.
Note: This functionality is currently only available for graphic and shared cells.

Ability to open a V7 DGN File using a preference

A new setting is added to the Preferences dialog Operation category to enable opening of V7 files as read-only. You must turn the checkbox on to be able to open a V7 DGN or upgrade to V8 file format. This setting is Off by default. If you try to open a V7 file while the preference is off, you will be alerted by a message.

Ability to Use Text Style Background Color for text fields

The preferences, Hide Field Background and Apply Field Background from Text Style are now combined into a single preference - Use Text Style Background Color for Field Background in the Preferences dialog, Text category.

Attach Item Dialog enhancements

The Attach Item Dialog has the following enhancements:
  • You can now resize the dialog. You can also adjust the size of individual property fields as well as the Text Style drop-down menu:

  • You can select an item type from the list using the checkbox, or by clicking on it. Checkbox allows you to select and attach multiple item types to an element. The selected item type is listed at the top in the properties section.
    Note: When more than one item type is selected, the name of the last selected item type is displayed.
  • When no item is selected the Properties section shows the following message:

    "Please select an Item Type."

  • The expander button allows you to expand and collapse the details associated with each property.
    Note: This button is only available for structure, array and point property types.
  • Add, Delete, Move up and Move down buttons to manage array items.
  • Ability to place Item Type information as Text: You can now place Item Type information as text in the DGN. When you select the placed text, you can view it in the Properties Dialog as a single text node. If you move the element or delete it, the associated text will also move or get deleted.

Components Center enhancements

(Technology Preview) Open PDF As Vector Geometry setting in DWG Open Options Dialog

Turn on this setting in the DWG Open Options, Advanced dialog to import vector data available in the DWG file as design elements.

Merge Internal References

Merge internally referenced models in a DGN file using the new setting available in the Save As V8 Options, References Tab.

Remove Variable Association from Blocks

Remove an assigned variable from a block by using the Remove Parametric Variables option available in the element's reset menu. Right-click on the element to see the option. This option is available for blocks that are placed with variables assigned to the edges in the Place Block tool during placement.

AEC Transform while attaching an iModel and other Attach iTwin enhancements.

When both the reference iModel and the active model have a GCS, the Attach iModel as Reference dialog will enable the AEC transform option. You can choose to perform an AEC Transform to align the GCSs in the iModel and the active model during attachment, using this option. This allows an iModel attached as a reference to be aligned to Project North instead of the GCS.

The Attach iModel as Reference dialog is now enhanced to allow for greater flexibility while attaching iModels as reference.

Area Tools

You can now use Area Tools to measure area, calculate area and place it as text in a design. You can also place an area block and place the area as text. These tools will minimize effort and clicks while working with areas for any geometry.

Display Rules enhancements

You can now quickly and efficiently create conditions to add to display rules with the following enhancements made to the condition editor:
  • See available classes grouped into a list for easy access while adding a new criterion.
  • See classes for a selected element while adding a new criterion with the Show classes for selected element option.
  • Search quickly for desired classes and properties using the search field.
  • Use wild card like operator for filtering Level properties.

Dynamic Preview Symbology

You can now customize the preview symbology while adding features to a parametric element. Use the key-in dynamicsymbology Color Line Style Line Weight , to change symbology of the preview.

Left: Default symbology | Right: Custom symbology example (Color=3, Line Style = 4, Line Weight = 5)

You can revert symbology to default by using the key-in dynamicsymbology (followed by no command line argument).

Enhanced Issue Resolution Service features

Issue Resolution Service will now provide you with the latest capabilities. It is now independent of the MicroStation version and will comply with the IRS on the cloud to provide better alignment with iTwin services and latest workflows.

Manage Configuration

You can now create new configurations and manage existing configurations using the Manage Configuration tool. You can create a ProjectWise Drive configuration to work with your project data and synchronize project data to ProjectWise 365 work area connections. You can access Manage Configuration from the WorkPage.

ProjectWise Drive Integration

ProjectWise Drive is now available as a companion application with MicroStation CONNECT Edition. You can access and work on your ProjectWise projects directly from your desktop applications. ProjectWise Drive provides a link between your local computers and the ProjectWise 365 documents and Work Area Connections.

RealDWG 2023 Support

MicroStation CONNECT Edition is now updated to support RealDWG 2023, the latest RealDWG engine for best compatibility. Custom objects and object enablers are also supported.

Remove specific constraints or all constraints from a constrained geometry

Remove All is now renamed as Remove Constraints tool. You can now remove specific constraints or all constraints from a geometry using this tool. Earlier you could remove all constraints at once. But now you can choose the constraints you wish to remove and keep the rest.

Text Favorite Manager - New Field Sub Types introduced

While creating or editing a text favorite, you will now see new Field Sub Type options for Field Types Model Properties and Sheet Index Properties. A new field sub type called References is available for Model Properties and field sub type Index is available for Sheet Index Properties.

Ability to Copy and Paste Rows and Columns

You can now copy the entire selected row(s) or column(s) and paste it next to another row or column using this new capability in Tables.

Ability to Auto update Parametric Cell in the Cell Library

A new option is added to the Cell Library which allows you to Auto-Update Parametric Cells based on the cell selection.

Ability to search and sort variations in the Properties Dialog

You can now search and sort variations in the Properties Dialog. A list of variation is listed that you can sort in an ascending or descending order and search for a particular variation.

Ability to select Parametric Cell through Element Selection Dialog

You can now refine the selection of Parametric Cell in a DGN file via the Element Selection dialog. Until now it was only possible to select all parametric cells in a file, without any possibility of filtering by their name or variations.

Ability to define Hierarchical or Conditional Picklist

You can setup a Hierarchical or Conditional Picklist in the Picklist Settings dialog by configuring the excel sheet that contains the data. The worksheet values are displayed in the new Picklist settings dialog with Custom selected as a Picklist Option.

About Technology Preview Features

Some features in this update are provided as Technology Preview.
Note: Take advantage of this Technology Preview, a non-public software service and/or application for evaluation purposes only. Please use the Technology Preview in your normal business environment as needed to form an opinion concerning the performance of the Technology Preview. Bentley personnel would welcome your valued feedback concerning the performance of the Technology Preview as you evaluate the capabilities. Please be aware that at some point, you may receive notice from Bentley that such use must cease or this Technology Preview will become unavailable to you. As we receive feedback, this Technology Preview may also be enhanced, updated or also discontinued without notice. As a Technology Preview, it is provided to you "as-is" without the benefit of any Bentley warranty, indemnity or support obligation.

(Technology Preview) Importing a PDF with vector data

You can now import PDF files into MicroStation and use any vector data from PDF files as design elements. You can do this using the PDF Import option available in the File > Import menu.

(Technology Preview) Use Reference Scale

You can now measure in true model units while in a Sheet model that contains a scaled reference file. You can turn on the Use reference scale checkbox to enable this functionality. This setting is available for all Measure tools (Distance, Radius, Length, Area, and Volume) except for the Measure Angle tool where it does not apply.

(Technology Preview) Ability to propagate Item Type information while performing drop operation on elements

You can now drop item type information attached to an element along with the element. The item type information will be propagated to the resulting elements. You can use the new Item Types check box available in the Drop Element tool settings for this.

(Technology Preview) Ability to loft a given profile along closed section curves

You can now create a parametric solid by lofting given closed section curves. You can use the Loft Solid tool in the Create Solids tab in the ribbon for creating a lofted solid.

(Technology Preview) Ability to support Special Characters in Expressions

You can now use spaces, foreign characters, special characters and long strings in . Previously, foreign characters and spaces were not supported in Expressions and Expressions Builder. Values from both Excel and Look up, strings are displayed with foreign characters and spaces.

(Technology Preview) Ability to attach Point Cloud files from ContextShare

You can now attach Point Clouds files from the ProjectWise ContextShare platform with this new setting.

(Technology Preview) Ability to edit the value of text driven by Item Type property

You can now directly edit the value of text driven by Item Type property in the Edit Item Dialog. This dialog can be used to edit and update the Text fields created from Item Type property. You can now double click on the text field to open the Edit Item Dialog.

(Technology Preview) Enhancements in the Variables Dialog

You can now work with Variables Dialog with the newly improved features listed below:
  • Enhanced toolbar - File Menu and Tools Menu
  • New Folder structure for variables
  • Minimum/Maximum range values

(Technology Preview) Enhancements in the 2D Fixed Constraint Tool

You can now create an anchor point while using the Fixed 2D Constraint tool. While a simple fixed constraint will only make the selected point fixed for resolving the degrees of freedom, using an Anchor Point will prevent the entire element from moving or rotating.

(Technology Preview) Ability to Edit Parametric Cells in Place

You can now Edit the Parametric Cells placed without dropping it or attaching to the cell library.

(Technology Preview) Ability to work with Tables and Reports with enhanced features

You can now work with Tables and Reports with the newly improved features

The following options have been added to Report Definition:
  • Add Calculated Column
  • Add Sr. No. Column
  • Show All Columns
  • Ability to Place Report as Table using Table Seed: Advanced Setting:
    The Advanced setting in the Place Table tool lets you predefine the layout and titles of headers and columns in the table. The values in the table can be edited once placed.

  • Transpose Tables
  • Ability to work with the enhanced Table Style Manager dialog: You can now use the enhanced Table Style Manager dialog to capture a Table Style from an existing table or create a new Table Style using the dialog.

Deprecated Features

Publish iModels - Publishing to iModel versions 1.5, 1.6 and 2.0 is no longer supported.

Opening and Referencing iModels - Opening and referencing of following iModel versions is deprecated:
  • iModel 1.5 files (*.dgndb, *.idgndb, *.imodel,*.markupdb)
  • iModel 1.6 files (*.dgndb, *.idgndb, *.imodel)
  • iModel 2.0 files (*.imodel)

V7 Workmode - Saving As V7 and Editing V7 files. (V7 files can be opened as Read-only).

RPC cells content library

Deprecated Features in Update 17.1

Opening iModels
  • iModel 2.0 files (*.bim, *.ibim)

TIFF is deprecated from the HTML Author tool as it is not supported by latest browsers like Microsoft Edge, Chrome, and Firefox. The two supported file formats are JPEG and PNG.

Deprecated Features in Update 17.2

iTwin Design Review is deprecated and you can use the Issue Resolution Service to manage design issues.

Features Moved from Technology Preview to Commercial Release

The following features that were available as Technology Preview in previous updates, have been commercially released in this update: