MicroStation CONNECT Edition Help

To Define Picklist Settings for Picklist Source as Custom

  1. Select the Excel file from the drop-down list. You can also search for a picklist by name in the Search field.
    Note: Supported Excel file formats are .xlsx (Excel Workbook) and .xlsm (Excel Macro Enabled Workbook 2007 or later).
  2. Select the Picklist Option as Custom from the drop-down menu.

  3. Select the Excel Sheet Name, Picklist Column, Filter Column and Filter Value from the drop-down list.

    Picklist Column: When you attach an item, you will see the column values in the Picklist value selector.

    Filter Column: Allows you to filter values of the picklist column.

    Filter Value: These are values available in Filter Column.

    Based on the selected values, Curb A and Curb B is available in the Picklist value selector.

    Picklist Column: Curb Filter Column: Sign
    Curb A 1
    Curb B 1
    Curb C 2
    Curb D 2
    Note: If the setting for First Row Contains Headings is selected, the Cell Range must be start from 2. The fields for Picklist settings is enabled based on the Picklist Option selected. An error will be prompted in the message center if the Range settings are incorrect.
  4. Click Ok.
  5. Click on Save button on the Item Types dialog to save the Item type settings.
    Note: The selected values will appear in the properties of the selected Item type in the Attach Item dialog and the Picklist Option in Properties Dialog.

    The Corresponding Picklist values are displayed in the search drop-down list.

    Picklist Properties in the Properties Dialog.

(Technology Preview) Hierarchical or Conditional Pick list

This new functionality extends the current picklist capabilities by letting you use one picklist's properties to define the allowed values of another property.

You can setup a Hierarchical or Conditional Picklist in the Picklist Settings dialog by configuring the excel sheet that contains the data. The values are displayed in the new Picklist settings dialog with Picklist Option selected as Custom.

Picklist Settings

Once the Excel file and required parameters are set in the Picklist settings dialog, it will be possible to lookup Item Types in the Attach Item dialog using the configured Column and Key properties. When attaching an Item Type you can find the right Item and populate all its properties by selecting the values in the configured Picklists.

Attach Item displaying the Picklist values