MicroStation CONNECT Edition Help

Keyboard Shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts, are shortcuts to specific groups or tools in the ribbon. The product supports multi-level keyboard shortcuts. Depending on the key-ins assigned, the tools, ribbon group pop-ups, or pop-up menus are displayed.

The default keyboard shortcut for <Space> key contains tools as well as shortcuts for different ribbon groups.
As you can see above, the first row contains ribbon group shortcuts. These are shortcuts for frequently used ribbon groups in the Home tab. Clicking or activating any of them opens the respective ribbon group pop-up. The second row contains frequently used tools. The third row contains shortcuts to frequently used ribbon groups. Each of the icons in the ribbon group have a shortcut key. This shortcut key is displayed when you hover the pointer over the icon. With the ribbon group pop-up displayed, if you press the shortcut key, the respective tool or group activates. To customize the keyboard shortcuts for <Space>, refer to the section Customizing the Ribbon Group Pop-ups.
Note: When Use Position Mapping (Preferences dialog, Position Mapping category) is turned on, a keystroke is first sent to position mapping for processing. If it is processed there, then subsequent position mapping action takes place. However, if the keystroke is not mapped to position mapping, like the <Space> key, it is processed as a keyboard shortcut.

Quick Tools Menu

The keyboard shortcuts <Q> or <[> open the quick tools menu. This pop-up menu contains shortcuts to frequently used tools and ribbon group-pop-ups.

Left - Pop-up menu displayed when you press <Q> | Right - Pop-up menu displayed when you press <[>

For example, you can press <QW> to start the Move Element tool.

Another ribbon group pop-up is that of the View tools. It displays the frequently used tools from the View tab. It is displayed when you press <Shift> and right-click in the view window.
Note: You can also use keytips for ribbon group pop-ups that display when you enter a keyboard shortcut. With the ribbon group displayed at the pointer position, if you press <Alt>, the keytips for the tools in the group are displayed. The keytip for an individual tool is also displayed when you hover the pointer over the tool in the ribbon group pop-up.

Quick Element Information

The keyboard shortcut <ALT> + Reset opens the quick element information menu. This pop-up menu contains General information of the selected element. You can view and edit the element's attributes in this menu.