MicroStation CONNECT Edition Help

Components Center Upload Dialog

Used to upload a component to Component Center. Users in a role with Upload permission can upload components to Component Center from MicroStation using this dialog.

You can open this dialog from the following:

  • Ribbon: Drawing > Content > Components Center > Upload Component
  • Ribbon: Modeling > Content > Components Center > Upload Component
Following properties for the selected model, to be uploaded as a component, can be set:
  • Thumbnail Display (Thumbnails are captured from the active view. Following settings are recommended to get a good thumbnail preview:
    • Switch off the camera as well as Markers of the active view from the View Attributes dialog.
    • Use the View Size tool and set the Aspect Ratio as Square 500 x 500.
    • Use Smooth display style with white background.
  • Name - displays the name of the model
  • Description - displays the description of the model
  • Category - allows you to select a category suitable for the component
  • Application - allows you to select an Application
  • Manufacturer - allows you to select a Manufacturer
  • Models - allows you to select a model to upload. By default the active model name is displayed in this field. From the drop-down you can select the desired model to upload.
    Note: You can only upload models that can be placed as cells.
  • Attachments - lists the names of attachments in the model in a tabular form.
  • Tags - you can further classify components by adding tags to them which will be available during search.
  • Catalog - lets you select a catalog to which the component will be uploaded. You can select more than one catalog.
Upload Lets you save and upload the component to Components Center.
Note: If you do not have upload permission, you will see the following message in the message center when you select Upload Component in the ribbon: