MicroStation CONNECT Edition Help

Attach iModel as Reference Dialog, Select a Model

Used to select a model to attach from the selected iModel.

You can access this dialog from the Attach iModel as Reference dialog after attaching an iModel.

Select a Model from the list of models available for the attached iModel

Add an iModel Takes you back to the Attach iModel as Reference section of the dialog.
AEC Transform (Enabled only if both the reference iModel and the active model have a GCS. If both or either of the model is missing GCS information, this option will not display in the dialog) Performs an AEC Transform to align the GCSs in the iModel and the active model during attachment.
Allow Referencing the active model If the active model is previously synchronized with the iModel, this option allows self-referencing of same model from the iModel to the active model while attaching.
Update iModel Attachment Enabled when the attached iModel is updated in the iModelHub. This option updates the attached iModel for any changes made to it in the iModelHub.
iModels drop-down This drop-down menu at the top right-hand side of the dialog lists all the attached iModels.
Models List box Lists the available models in the attached iModel(s).
  • Selection checkbox - lets you select a model(s).
  • Status - displays attached models with a paper clip icon.
  • Name - displays the names of the models available in the attached iModel.
  • Filter - lets you filter the list of models based on values you enter.
  • Display - shows the display status of the models. You can choose to turn the display On or Off.
  • Snap - lets you set the snapping On or Off for each model.
  • Display - controls the display of the attached models.
  • Snap - controls snapping to elements in the attached models.
  • Locate - controls identifying (selecting) elements in an attached model for construction purposes.
  • Transparency - controls the degree of transparency of elements in the attached models.
Apply Applies the changes to the attached models.