ProjectWise Explorer Help

Using Integrated MicroStation

ProjectWise integration with MicroStation means that the standard dialogs for creating, opening, and saving files in MicroStation are replaced by ProjectWise dialogs, and will point to ProjectWise instead of the local file system. Once you enter into a session of integrated MicroStation, your session of MicroStation remains integrated with ProjectWise until you close the session.

This section discusses how to use the ProjectWise functionality available in MicroStation and MicroStation PowerDraft when those products are integrated with ProjectWise. For the rest of this section, whenever MicroStation is referred to, MicroStation PowerDraft is also implied unless otherwise noted.

When ProjectWise Explorer is installed with iDesktop Integration support for MicroStation or MicroStation PowerDraft, a configuration file called PW.CFG is installed to the \CONFIG\APPL\ folder of the MicroStation or MicroStation PowerDraft installation. This configuration file loads the MDL applications necessary for ProjectWise integration, and also allows MicroStation or MicroStation PowerDraft to be launched from the desktop in integrated mode.

The MCM.USER.CFG file in the ...\ProjectWise\bin folder contains configuration variables that affect the behavior of MicroStation when integrated with ProjectWise. See Configuration Variables for Integrated MicroStation (MCM.USER.CFG).

Tip: See the ProjectWise readme for a list of supported versions of MicroStation and MicroStation PowerDraft.