ProjectWise Explorer Help

Converting DGN Documents to Other Formats

MicroStation's File > Export menu lets you convert the open document to a non-DGN file format, then store the converted file in a ProjectWise folder.

Note: To export the active DGN document to a location outside of ProjectWise, click Cancel in the ProjectWise dialog when it opens, or press the <Esc> key on your keyboard. This returns you to the respective MicroStation dialog.

Tip: See the MicroStation documentation for information on export settings specific to the selected file format.

To Convert the Open Document to a File Format Other Than DGN or DWG

  1. Select File > Export > file format.

    The Export dialog opens for the selected file format. By default, the output file is set to a location outside of ProjectWise.

  2. In the Export dialog, select File > Export As to change the output location to ProjectWise.

    ProjectWise's Export File As dialog opens for the selected file format. The controls in this dialog are analogous to those in ProjectWise's Save Document As dialog, which opens when you select File > Save As in integrated MicroStation. Follow the steps in To Make a Copy of the Open DGN, Using the Integrated Save Document As Dialog, then return to the next step of this procedure.

  3. When finished in the Export File As dialog, click OK.
  4. Back in the Export dialog, make any other necessary changes, then click Export.

    The open document is converted to the selected format and is exported to the specified ProjectWise folder. If you go back to ProjectWise Explorer, you will find the document you just exported in the folder you selected. Also, you will see that the document is currently checked out.