ProjectWise Explorer Help

Dynamic Views Support

Many of the workflows involved with the dynamic views feature of MicroStation involve multi-document sets, where a change to something in a master file (such as section markers, or annotation) will automatically update the graphics in a reference file. These workflows are supported in ProjectWise, with the following considerations:

  • Dependent reference files are automatically checked out when a dynamic view operation is conducted, and remain checked out until the master file is checked in to ProjectWise.
  • ProjectWise supports the dynamic views enhancements which allow for the automated creation of new drawing models, sheet models, saved views, or references from a portion of an existing document. Integration with ProjectWise allows those new models to be stored inside ProjectWise. Specifically, the new model, saved view, or reference can be stored inside the same document, inside some other existing document, or inside a new document altogether.

ProjectWise also supports integration with the Mini toolbar for callouts in MicroStation, and specifically, the tools on the toolbar which can open or create (or save as) documents.