ProjectWise Explorer Help

Launching MicroStation in V7 Workmode

When MicroStation is not integrated with ProjectWise, the MicroStation environment variable MS_OPENV7 can be set to 3 if you need to enable the V7 workmode.

If you want MicroStation to launch in V7 workmode when opening a V7 DGN document from ProjectWise Explorer, follow the steps below:

  1. In ProjectWise Administrator, create two applications: MicroStationV8 and MicroStationV7.

  2. For the MicroStationV8 application:

    — set up the program executable as you normally would

    — set the icon to the V8 logo

    — make this the default application for DGN files

  3. For the MicroStationV7 application:

    — set the program executable to MicroStationV8

    — set additional command line arguments to -wsMS_OPENV7=3

    — set the icon to the Bentley "B" logo

  4. With this configuration, all DGNs you import to ProjectWise will automatically be associated to MicroStationV8 application you created.

  5. After importing DGNs that you know are V7 (MicroStation/J), select those V7 DGN documents in ProjectWise Explorer and select Document > Modify to change those documents' application to MicroStationV7.