ProjectWise Explorer Help

Batch Printing with Print Sets in Integrated MicroStation

In integrated MicroStation, you can use Print Organizer to create and save print set files which are used to identify, save, recall, and print a particular set of files, models, or Project Explorer links. While it is beyond the scope of this document to describe the full functionality of Print Organizer (see the section on Print Organizer in the MicroStation help), the main areas where ProjectWise provides additional functionality are described.

When Print Organizer is opened in the ProjectWise environment, it can access documents in ProjectWise using ProjectWise's File Open and File Save dialogs. If you need to access files outside of ProjectWise, you can click Cancel or press the <Esc> key when the ProjectWise dialog opens, to access Print Organizer's standard File Open and File Save dialogs.

When a print set file is opened in Print Organizer, it is checked out to the user's working directory. Files that are referenced in a print set are copied out on demand. In other words, if you are modifying, previewing, or printing a job, only the files referenced by that job are copied out.

Configuration settings blocks and workspace profiles are both supported in Print Organizer. When documents are added to a Print Organizer Print Set file, Print Organizer reads the configuration settings blocks or workspace profile assigned to the document in order to access the appropriate workspace.

Print Organizer's Advanced tab provides controls to specify a User and/or a Project workspace, but are ignored if a configuration settings block or workspace profile is assigned to the document you are previewing or printing.

To Create a Print Set File and Store It in ProjectWise

  1. Open a DGN from ProjectWise Explorer.
  2. Select File > Print Organizer.

    The Print Organizer dialog opens.

  3. Select File > Add Files to Set.

    The Create Print Definitions dialog opens.

  4. Click Add.

    ProjectWise's Select Files dialog opens.

  5. Navigate to and select the files you want to add.
  6. Click Add, then click OK.

    The selected files are added to the Input files list in the Create Print Definitions dialog.

  7. Click OK.

    The files are added to Print Organizer.

  8. Select File > Save As.

    The dialog that opens next depends on whether or not you have a default method set for creating documents in ProjectWise.

  9. Do one of the following:

    If the Select a Wizard dialog opens, select either No Wizard or Advanced Wizard and click OK, then follow the instructions in the appropriate option below. (Selecting No Wizard opens the Save Print Set File dialog; selecting Advanced Wizard opens the Advanced Document Creation Wizard.)


    If the Save Print Set File dialog opens, click Select if you want to change the folder in which to store the print set file, then fill out the document property fields as necessary and click Save.


    If the Advanced Document Creation Wizard opens, click Next. When the Select Target Folder page opens, select the folder to store the new print set file in and click Next. On the Document Properties page, enter the name, description, file name, and version of the new print set file and click Next. On the Create a Document page, click Next. On the final page, click Finish. You are done.

  10. Close Print Organizer. When prompted, check in the print set file.

To Open a Print Set File Stored in ProjectWise

  1. In the Print Organizer dialog, select File > Open.

    The Open Print Set File dialog opens.

  2. Navigate to and select a print set file (.pset) to open, and click Open.

To Print a Print Set File Stored in ProjectWise

  1. In the Print Organizer dialog, open a print set file stored in ProjectWise.
  2. Select File > Print.

    The Print dialog opens.

  3. Click Printer Setup.

    The Printer Setup dialog opens.

  4. Select the printer driver configuration file and click OK.
  5. Back in the Print dialog, click OK.

To Create a PDF from a Print Set, and Store the Output in ProjectWise

  1. In the Print Organizer dialog, open a print set file.
  2. Select File > Print.
  3. Click Printer Setup and change the printer driver configuration file to pdf.pltcfg.
  4. (Optional) Select Separate print jobs or Single print job.
  5. Specify the destination output folder.
  6. Click OK.