ProjectWise Explorer Help

Streaming Point Cloud and Raster Reference Documents

The streaming of point cloud and/or raster references can be enabled (or disabled) by your administrator in ProjectWise Administrator.

When point cloud and/or raster reference streaming is enabled and a point cloud or raster reference is copied out as the result of opening the master document to which it is attached, only the portions of the file necessary to complete the view in MicroStation are downloaded. Additional portions are downloaded as necessary as the user pans and zooms. If streaming is disabled, the entire file will be downloaded when it is copied out. Also, the entire file will always be downloaded if it is checked out, regardless of whether streaming is enabled or disabled.

If you want raster references to be copied out upon attachment instead of checked out, set the attachment as read-only in the Raster Manager dialog. Point cloud files, by contrast, are always copied out upon attachment. Also, when opening master documents that have point cloud or raster documents attached, make sure you always select to copy out (and not check out) the point cloud or raster documents.

Note: When streaming point clouds over a WAN, the view refresh may not always happen automatically and in some cases you may need to click on a view to see the point cloud.
Note: Because raster reference streaming is enabled through ProjectWise Administrator, the related configuration variables PW_RASTER_REFERENCEOUT, PW_RASTER_REFOUT_MIN_FILE_SIZE and PW_RASTER_REFOUT_1BIT that used to be in MCM.CFG / MCM.USER.CFG have been removed and are no longer valid.