ProjectWise Explorer Help

Opening Files from the File System in Integrated MicroStation

To open files that are stored outside of ProjectWise, select File > Open in integrated MicroStation, then click the Cancel button in the integrated Open dialog, or press the <Esc> key on your keyboard. This returns you to MicroStation's native Open dialog so you can select a file from the file system, while your session of MicroStation remains integrated with ProjectWise.

If you are launching integrated MicroStation from the desktop and you want to open a file from the file system, you can do it one of two ways:

  • Log in to ProjectWise when prompted, then cancel the integrated File Open dialog (MicroStation Manager in older versions) when it opens. This lets you select a file from the file system while still retaining integration with ProjectWise.

  • Cancel the Log in dialog when it opens, then open a file from the file system. In this case the session of MicroStation will not be integrated with ProjectWise. You will need to exit and re-launch MicroStation and log in to ProjectWise when prompted to regain integration.