ProStructures Help


ProStructures is provided with the DetailCenter utility that allows you to control and manage the complete 2D drawing and plan generation workflows.

The DetailCenter is accessible via a dockable dialog which can be linked on the left or on the right of AutoCAD® and which you can change in size. Double-clicking on the header line toggles between the freely moveable and the docked status of the dialog.

Most of the work within the DetailCenter is carried out using the context menus of the right mouse button or using drag & drop, where you drag an entry onto another entry. You will also work with tree lists that resemble Windows Explorer trees. Since these functions are similar to standard Windows functions, they will not be described here.

Most of the dialogs that can be selected from within the DetailCenter are non-modal dialogs. These dialogs are not always closed once a function has been selected but can remain open.

This has the advantage of saving you a few mouse clicks and you can adapt these dialogs to the current situation, which means you are always informed about the status of the work. You can change settings and watch the changes immediately on the screen – just as you can do with many of the ProStructures commands. All dialogs of the DetailCenter are synchronized with one another as much as possible.

Since this means that it does not take very long to accumulate a great many open dialogs on the screen, the DetailCenter will here support your work as well. Any non-required dialogs are hidden whenever necessary. They are exchanged with others if the command association changes. Dependent subordinate dialogs are closed automatically if you close a parent dialog.