ProjectWise Web and Drive Help

New in ProjectWise Drive

ProjectWise Drive 2023.1

Version 2023.1.99.0 (released March 2023)

  • Enhancements:
    • General performance and reliability improvements
    • Improved performance with large projects
    • Added features that were already available in ProjectWise Web
      • Office 365 Co-authoring
      • Get Link to for documents and folders

ProjectWise Drive 2022.1

Version 2022.1.638.0 (released 2022.07.18)

  • Bug fixes:
    • File Explorer stuck on loading folder contents
    • Automatic document creation is not working in some cases
    • Some files reappear after deleting in ProjectWise Drive
    • Sometimes folders that were deleted or renamed reappear
    • Automatic document checkout is not working with some PDF review apps
    • 'Invalid Device' error on file rename
    • Excluded .exe and .dll files from auto upload
    • Changes to folder settings will be picked up faster
    • ProjectWise Drive crashes when ProjectWise folder names include certain invalid characters
    • ProjectWise Drive installer fixes

Version 2022.1.328.0 (released 2022.03.30)

ProjectWise Drive 2021.3

Version 2021.3.289.0 (released 2021.09.16)

  • When you have this version (or later) of ProjectWise Drive installed and running, selecting an Office document and selecting Start co-authoring session or Join co-authoring session will open the Office document for co-authoring in your Office desktop app instead of in a new browser tab. (Note that ProjectWise Drive only needs to be installed and running for this feature to work - the work area connection does NOT need to be synchronized with ProjectWise Drive for this feature to work).
  • If a document is currently checked out to you in ProjectWise Web, the document will now automatically become checked out to you in ProjectWise Drive:
    • either as soon as you synchronize the work area connection with ProjectWise Drive
    • or as soon as you sign in to ProjectWise Drive, if the work area connection was already synchronized but ProjectWise Drive was not running when you checked out the document in ProjectWise Web

    The checked out icon for this document in ProjectWise Web will change from this to this , to indicate that the document is now checked out to you in ProjectWise Drive.

    (In earlier versions, the document that was checked out to you in ProjectWise Web would be locked to you in ProjectWise Drive in the above situations.)

  • When a document is checked out to you in ProjectWise Drive, you can sign in to ProjectWise Drive on any computer and that document will be checked out to you there.

    Note that the local changes you make to a document on one computer are not automatically available on other computers where ProjectWise Drive is installed, so you should try to only work on a document from one location.