ProjectWise Administrator Help

Environments, Attributes, and Interfaces

All documents in a datasource have the same set of general properties. For example, each document has a document name, a file name (if it has a file attached), a date created, and so on. These properties are seen on the General tab of the Document Properties dialog in ProjectWise Explorer.

In addition to these general properties, you can create custom attributes for your documents by creating environments. An environment is a collection of supplemental, organization specific, document attributes that you establish in ProjectWise Administrator, and then apply to folders and projects in ProjectWise Explorer. An environment can contain:

  • attributes
  • attribute layout (interface)
  • document code restrictions

You can create attributes during the creation of your environment, or they can be created and added later. Interfaces are created separately from environments, and are used to arrange the display of some or all of the environment's attributes. When an interface has been set up for an environment, users in ProjectWise Explorer can see the attributes in that interface on the Attributes and More Attributes tabs of the Document Properties dialog. When multiple interfaces exist, users can select which interface to use as the active interface by selecting Tools > Interface in ProjectWise Explorer.

Note: Environments are not a required feature of a datasource. If you want, in ProjectWise Explorer you can assign the <none> value for Environments to any folder or project. Documents at the root of those folders or projects will have blank Attributes and More Attributes tabs on their Document Properties dialog.
CAUTION: The ProjectWise database schema is unpublished and subject to change without notice.