ProjectWise Administrator Help

Adding and Arranging Attributes in the Interface

Once you create an interface, that interface is added to the Attribute layout item under each environment in the datasource. By selecting an interface's 'Attributes' tab and 'More Attributes' tab items, you can add environment attributes to the interface. Typically you add all or most of the attributes you want to use to the 'Attributes' tab. The 'More Attributes' tab is where you should place those attributes that do not fit on the 'Attributes' tab.

Note: Attributes on the 'Attributes' tab can be moved around and graphically configured to your specification, whereas attributes on the 'More Attributes' tab can only be listed vertically.

In ProjectWise Explorer, users see the attributes of the active interface on the Attributes and More Attributes tabs of the Document Properties dialog. When multiple interfaces exist, users can select which interface to use as the active interface by selecting an interface from the Select Interface dialog (Tools > Interface).

In ProjectWise Web, users see environment attributes and also select the active interface from the Attributes tab on the Information panel.