ProjectWise Administrator Help

Modifying and Deleting Attributes

You can modify the properties of an attribute from the Attributes list, or from the interface it is called into. Either way, if you modify the attribute from one place, the properties of the attribute will be updated in both places. To open an attribute's Properties dialog, double-click the attribute or right-click the attribute and select Properties.

By default, five attribute properties display as columns in the Attributes list in ProjectWise Administrator:

Column Description
Name The name of the attribute.
Editable if final Possible values are Yes or No. If Yes, the attribute value can be edited by users even if a document is set to Final Status.
Required Possible values are Yes or No. If Yes, when a user starts entering values for other environment attributes, they cannot save their changes until they supply a value for this attribute.
Unique Possible values are Yes or No. If Yes, the value entered for this attribute cannot be entered for the same attribute in any other document in this environment.
Access Possible values are Edit or Read-only. If set to Edit, the attribute value can be edited. If set to Read-only, the attribute value can be viewed but not edited.

To rearrange the order of these columns, or to hide some of them from display, right-click anywhere in the Attributes list and select View > Customize.

Note: The Interface tab is only available on the Attribute Properties dialog when viewing the attribute's properties from within an interface.