ProjectWise Administrator Help

Setting Up Document Code Restrictions

In addition to defining which fields are used to create the document code, you can apply restrictions to the code. These can be either allow or forbid restrictions.

An Allowed restriction limits users to a range of code numbers which you, the administrator, have defined.

A Forbidden restriction prevents the user from using a designated range of code numbers.

You can designate a number of allow restrictions and a number of forbid restrictions within these allowed ranges.

In addition to restrictions, which can only be applied and removed by the administrator in ProjectWise Administrator, users can reserve document codes. Any user can apply or remove these reservations, so reserved document codes cannot be reused until the reservation is removed. A user might, for instance, be expecting certain documents to be submitted by a subcontractor. The user could therefore reserve a range of document code numbers for these documents, remove the reservation when they arrive, and apply these codes to the documents. Reserved numbers must be within the ranges made available by the administrator in ProjectWise Administrator, allowing for any allow or forbid restrictions that have been applied.

For example, if the document code consisted of an office code (GBR), a Project code (EP1, EP2, and so on), a document/serial number and (optionally) a sheet number, you might create Allowed restrictions for GBR - EP1 # 0001 - 1000 and GBR - EP2 # 1001 - 2000. These would restrict document codes to numbers within the range 1 - 1000 for documents relating to the Project EP1 and 1001 - 2000 for documents relating to the Project EP2. All document codes would start with GBR, the office code, and no document codes would be allowed outside these two ranges. If you wanted to reserve the codes GBR - EP1 #500 to #750 for another section of the organization, you could apply a forbid restriction on these codes. Users would then only be able to use the codes GBR - EP1#0001 to #499 and #751 to #1000 or any numbers in the GBR - EP2 range of document codes and could therefor make appropriate reservations if required.