ProjectWise Administrator Help

Creating and Adding Attributes

Attributes can be created as part of the environment creation process, or they can be created after the environment is created or imported into the datasource. You can also modify or delete existing attributes.

Each attribute you create corresponds to a column in the database. Attribute names must be unique in their environment, however you can reuse an attribute name across multiple environments.

When you want to reuse attribute names across multiple environments, those attributes also need to have the same data type (for example, you cannot have “col_tag_no” being INTEGER in one table and CHAR in other table) and the same character set (for example, you cannot have “col_subject” being VARCHAR2 in one table and NVARCHAR2 in other table). This enables users to search across environments by a single search condition (if the user does not specify “Look in this environment only”), and also lets the values from different environments display in a single column in the search results.

Note: Document code attributes, trigger attributes, and triggered attributes cannot be deleted.