ProjectWise Administrator Help

Creating Interfaces

For users in ProjectWise Explorer, it is the interface that displays the environment's custom attributes when they view a document's properties. Environment attributes display on the Attributes and More Attributes tabs of a selected document's Properties dialog.

Setting up an interface in ProjectWise Administrator involves:

  1. creating the interface
  2. adding existing attributes to it
  3. arranging attributes in the interface
  4. modifying attributes in the interface

You can create as many interfaces as you require. Each interface can display different information about a particular environment. All interfaces are available to each environment. You can create one or more interfaces containing some or all of the environment's available attributes. You can also modify the properties of the attributes and add prompts to the page.

You could for example create interfaces in different languages, so that the labels for the fields on the Attribute pages display in the selected language.

Another way of using different interfaces is to configure them for different types of users. You could display only those fields relevant to a particular user group, but you must ensure that any required fields display on all interfaces.

You can delete an interface only if the interface is not referenced by an environment. However, if the interface has had Attribute pages created for it, you cannot delete it without first deleting the contents of the attribute page.