STAAD.Pro Help

Bridge Deck tab

Table 1. Deck group
ツール名 説明

Create Deck

Used to create a deck definition from the selected structure geometry.

Note: When a deck is defined from beam elements, the program will generate a surface of fictitious, triangular plate elements which are used in determining the load distribution. These elements have no inherent stiffness and are not transferred to STAAD.Pro for analysis of the structure. These plate elements may be reviewed by toggling on their display in the Diagrams dialog Deck tab.
Create Deck > Rename

Opens the Rename Deck dialog.


Used to delete the selected deck definition.

Note: Structure geometry objects (i.e., plates or beams) used in the deck definition are not deleted.

Select Deck
Opens the Select Plates in Deck dialog, which is used to select the members and plates associated with a previously created deck definition.

Define Roadway
Opens the Roadways dialog, which is used to create and manage roadway definitions.
Table 2. Loading group
ツール名 説明

Loading >
Influence Surface Generator

Initiates the STAAD Analysis and Design engine to generate influence surfaces for the structure.

Note: When selected, the STAAD Analysis and Design dialog opens to display the progress of the analysis used in influence surface generation. This dialog automatically closes upon completion.
Influence Diagram Opens the Diagrams dialog Influence tab, which is used to control the display of influence diagrams on the defined bridge deck.
Run Load Generator Opens the Load Generator Parameters dialog, which is used to select design codes, specify code relevant data, and select points of interest for placing loads.
View Results file Opens the results file (file extension .bva) in a text editor for your review and for use in post-processing.
Browse Load Generator Results
Create Loading in Staad Model Used to create a primary load cases in the current STAAD input file for each action requested in the Load Generator Parameters dialog. These load cases can then be used in the same way any other static load case would be used for analysis and design.
Table 3. Vehicle group
ツール名 説明

Opens the Vehicle Database dialog, which is used to display code specified vehicle load data and to create user-defined loads.