STAAD.Pro Help

Roadways dialog

Used to create and manage roadway definitions. This should be the clear roadway width between curbs or other barriers. The program will determine the number of traffic and design lanes available in this width.

Opens when Deck > Define Roadways is selected.

Roadways list A list of each roadway definition for the selected deck is contained here. Selecting a Roadway definition in the list will display the characteristic parameters in the Description block below.
New… Opens the Define Roadway dialog, which is used to parametrically define straight, curved, or custom roadways.
Edit… Opens the Define Roadway dialog, which is used to edit the selected roadway definition.

Deletes the selected Roadway definition.

CAUTION: No confirmation is required to delete a Roadway definition. This action cannot be undone.
Close Closes the Roadways dialog.