STAAD.Pro Help

Load Generator Parameters dialog

Used to select design codes, specify code relevant data, and select points of interest for placing loads.

Opens when Loading > Run Load Generator is selected.

General tab

Design Code

Select the specification from which the loadings are to be taken.

Note: The <code> tab updates accordingly with this choice.
Limit State Specify if the vehicle loads are to be used with the Ultimate or Serviceability limit state.

Decks tab

Used to select the previously defined decks to be considered for loading. A check is placed in the box associated each deck name to be considered.

<code> tab

Used to input code-specific parameters. This tab dynamically updates based on the Design code selection made on the General tab.

Note: The following pages provide details on these code-specific parameters.

Node Displacements / Support Reactions / Beam End Forces/ Plate Center Stress tabs

Used to specify a structural object, action, and effect as a point of interest for influence surfaces which determine the placement of the design loads on the structure to achieve maximum (or minimum) action.

Node / Beam / Plate Specify the number of the structural object to act as a point of interest. The point of interest is the location on the structure the resulting action at which will be used to determine the placement of the loads.
Displacement / Support Reaction / Stress Force

The action of interest. This is usually the direction of the displacement, force, moment, or stress.

In the case of beam end forces, you must select the member end as well as the direction of force or moment.

In the case of plate stresses, additional options for the maximum combined effect (von Mises or Principle stresses) are also available.

Effect Select either the maximum (+ve) or minimum (-ve) effect at the point of interest due to the selected action.
OK Accepts the specified parameters and closes the dialog.
Cancel Closes the dialog without adding load generation parameters.
Apply Applies the parameters from the current tab.
Help Opens the STAAD.Pro help window.