STAAD.Pro Help

Define Roadway dialog

Used to define roadways for vehicle loading on a selected deck. Either Straight, Curved, or Custom roadways may be defined.

Opens when the New or Edit buttons are clicked in the Roadways dialog.

Straight tab

Used to parametrically define a straight roadway.

Curb A / B Origin Curb A is the closes to the origin, with Curb B being the other side of the roadway. Dimensions are all taken from the origin (i.e., the distance to Curb B is not taken from Curb A).
Angle The angle of the roadway taken clockwise from the positive X axis.
Spacing between points Spacing … in current length units.

Curved tab

Used to parametrically define a curved roadway.

Center Define the center of a circular arc.
Direction Select if the arc sweep is defined as Clockwise or Anticlockwise (Counter-clockwise) from …
Spacing between points Spacing … in current length units.

Custom tab

Used to define a generic roadway section.

Add Lane Left  
Copy Lane Left  
Add Lane Right  
Copy Lane Right  
Active Lane Select the lane you wish to create or edit from the drop down list. The total number of lanes present is also displayed.
Origin X / Z  
Delete Lane  
Add Section  
Section Type

Select if the roadway segment is Straight, Curved, or Custom. The section panel updates to allow entering parameters for this selection.

  • Straight section

    • Active Section
    • Delete Section
    • Curb on Left / Right
    • Select either or both of these options to …
    • Orientation
    • Length
  • Curved section

  • Custom section

OK Closes the dialog and creates a new roadway or updates changes made to an existing roadway.
Cancel Closes the dialog without saving any changes or creating a roadway definition.
Apply Updates the current roadway definition with any changes made in the dialog.
Help Opens the STAAD.Pro help window.