ProjectWise Explorer Help

Working with Flat Sets

A flat set is a group of documents that are placed into a container for some purpose, such as for printing, or to simplify the check out of multiple documents across folders. When you right-click a flat set, you will see all of the options available to you for working with the flat set. When you have a flat set open, you can select and right-click the documents in the set and perform actions on them just as you would from any folder in ProjectWise Explorer .

You can place a single document into as many flat sets as you want. The document is not physically copied into the flat set, but a record of the document is added to the flat set. Removing a document from a flat set does not delete the document from ProjectWise, however deleting a document from ProjectWise will remove the record of the document from all flat sets in which it exists.

Note: When you check out a flat set, all documents in the set are checked out. When you check in a flat set, and if you are required to enter change comments upon check in, you are only presented with one Check In dialog in which to enter your comments.