ProjectWise Administrator Help

ProjectWise Explorer Configuration

ProjectWise Explorer is the main client interface for ProjectWise, from which users can check out, open, modify, and otherwise manage their ProjectWise documents.

iDesktop Integration is an option of the ProjectWise Explorer installer that adds ProjectWise functionality to supported applications such as MicroStation, AutoCAD, Revit, Microsoft Office, and others. When an application is integrated with ProjectWise, you can access your datasources, check out and open ProjectWise documents, and check them back in, all from inside the application without having to open ProjectWise Explorer. The level of integration differs from application to application, but typically the commands affected in each application are those which open and save files, automatically presenting you the option to open from and save to ProjectWise rather than the Windows file system.

Other client tools, and the on-premise components for ProjectWise Connection Services, can also be installed through the ProjectWise Explorer installer.

After installation, open ProjectWise Explorer. If the ProjectWise Explorer client you just installed is on the same computer or within the same subnet as the ProjectWise Design Integration Server or a ProjectWise Gateway Service that is publishing datasource lists, ProjectWise Explorer will automatically display that server’s datasources, assuming the server is running and you have permission to see that server’s datasources. If the ProjectWise Explorer client is not on the same subnet as the ProjectWise Design Integration Server or a ProjectWise Gateway Service, you need to configure the ProjectWise network on the ProjectWise Explorer client computer so that the appropriate datasources display in ProjectWise Explorer. See Using the Network Configuration Settings Dialog to Connect Your Client to the Server for details.