ProjectWise Administrator Help

Before You Install or Upgrade ProjectWise Explorer

  1. See the ProjectWise readme for a list of supported operating systems and other system requirements.
  2. Make sure the latest Windows updates have been installed.
    In particular, make sure you have the update for Universal C Runtime (CRT) in Windows (KB2999226) installed:


  3. Make sure Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5.1 or higher is installed.
  4. If ProjectWise Explorer V8 XM Edition or earlier is installed, uninstall it now.

    If ProjectWise Explorer V8i or later is installed, you can leave it installed and let the new ProjectWise Explorer installer upgrade it for you.

    Note: If you have additional ProjectWise applications installed from the same older (V8i or later) release version, see Upgrading to the Current Version > Precautions for the recommended workflow for upgrading.
  5. A normal uninstallation of ProjectWise Explorer removes the PW.CFG and MCM.CFG files related to MicroStation integration. Likewise, an upgrade will also remove the existing PW.CFG and MCM.CFG files and replace them with new ones. If you have made changes in these files, make a copy of these files before you upgrade.
  6. (Existing Revit integrations) If this is an upgrade and you also have the ProjectWise Integration Module for Revit installed for an earlier version of ProjectWise Explorer, then before you upgrade, you must first manually uninstall the integration module. Then when you go to install the new ProjectWise Explorer, the installer will install the necessary Revit integration.
  7. Install the applications you want to integrate with ProjectWise Explorer.

    See the ProjectWise readme for a list of supported applications.

  8. Integration with Microsoft Office requires a corresponding version of Office Primary Interop Assemblies.

    Office Primary Interop Assemblies may already be installed as part of your Office installation, however, make sure it is installed before you install ProjectWise Explorer.

  9. The CONNECTION Client is a delivered prerequisite and gets installed automatically if needed as part of the ProjectWise Explorer installation.
    Note: An internet connection is required to install the CONNECTION Client, therefore you must be connected to the internet to carry out the ProjectWise Explorer installation.