OpenPlant Project Administrator Help

Edit Database Schema

The Edit Schema displays when you select the Edit DB Schema option from the Edit menu. In the dialog you are able to edit the tables and fields in the active catalog.
Tables Lists the tables in the current catalog database.
Fields Lists the fields included in the highlighted table.
Add New Table Displays the following dialog allowing you to add a table to the catalog.
You either select a table from the drop down list, or type a name for the table into the field. Click OK to add the table.
Delete Table Removes the selected table from the catalog
Rename Table Displays the following dialog allowing you to rename the selected table.
Enter a new table name and click OK.
Import Data There are two options available for importing existing data into the active catalog:
  • Import from Catalog: Select this option, then an existing catalog from the Select Catalog dialog to display the Import Tables dialog. In the Import Tables dialog, select the tables you want to import to the active catalog.
  • Import from Excel: Imports records from excel spreadsheets.
  • Batch Import Excel with Mappings: Imports multiple Excel files into a catalog, including predefined mapping files for the Excel spreadsheets.
Duplicate Table This icon provides the following options to duplicate existing table structures:
  • Duplicate Table: This will in effect, copy an existing table's data and structure into the active catalog. You will be prompted with the Add New Table dialog (shown above) to provide a unique name for the duplicated table. The existing table's structure and data will be duplicated in the catalog.
  • Duplicate Structure: This option will only duplicate an existing table's structure and will include no data in the table. With this option you will also be prompted to provide a new name for the table.
Add New Field Displays following dialog which enables you to create a new field in the current table and define its parameters. These parameters values also display at the bottom of the Edit Database Schema dialog when you select a field from the list.
  • Field Name: Name of the new field to be added.
  • Field Type: Has a drop down list of field types to choose from (i.e. Text, Number, Date, Boolean).
  • Field Size: Maximum number of characters in the field.
  • Field Description: Brief description of the field.
Enter the values for the new field then click OK to add.
Delete Field Click to Delete the selected field from the table.
Edit Field Allows you to edit the existing field information of the selected field. It will display the Add New Field dialog show above for you to edit the information.
Note: The Field Type cannot be edited and the field will be inactive.
Type Displays the type of input value for the field. (i.e. Text, Number, Data, Boolean).
Size Displays the maximum number of characters in the field.
Description Provides a brief description of the field.

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