OpenPlant Project Administrator Help

Import Tables Dialog

The Import Tables dialog displays when you select the Import Data option from either the main ribbon or from the Edit Database Schema dialog and choose either of the two options:
Note: Before this dialog displays you are first prompted to select a catalog from which to import the tables from.
  • Import from Catalog
  • Import from Excel
It allows you to import data/tables from other catalog databases or Excel spreadsheets.

Import from Catalog

When you select the Import from Catalog option, the following dialog displays.
Note: Note that options in this dialog differ slightly when you select the Import from Excel option. This is explained further down.
Selecting the catalog(s) from the list that you wish to import data from by enabling the checkbox next to it. (You can use the selection aids to either Select All, Clear All, or Invert Selection).

Next Use the Import Type options to decide whether to import just the table Structure, or the Structure and Data for the tables.

When you selections have been made, click the Import button to add the tables to the catalog.

Select Excel Sheets to import

When importing data from an Excel spreadsheet, the dialog displays as shown below. The operations of the dialog work the same as the dialog above except for there are no Import Type options. The Import Type options are not available as when you import data from Excel you will need to create the structure while you map the fields in the spreadsheet to the catalog fields.

Select the sheets to import then click Import.