OpenPlant Project Administrator Help

Open Exchange Spec

Shipped specs and specs generated/imported through the Exchange option will be missing back-end catalogs. To use and edit these specs in OpenPlant Specification Generator, the Open Exchange Spec is provided. When you open specs using this option you are prompted to create a catalog as shown below.
Note: This option can also be used to open an AutoPLANT spec with missing catalogs, however, you will have to first upgrade the PDW spec using the Upgrade to OPM option from the Home ribbon. You cannot open an upgraded PDW spec if the Enable PDW Settings option is enabled in the Preferences dialog.

Select Open Exchange Spec to display the Open Spec dialog as shown:

After you select a spec to open, the Save As dialog shown prompts you to define a name and location for the catalog to be created from the spec.

Enter a name for the catalog and navigate to the directory where you want to store the catalog.

Note: By default, OpenPlant Specification Generator wants to put the catalog in the same directory as the spec, but you may want to create a catalog directory for the current project.

The following message displays alerting you the spec is going to be converted to a catalog.

Click OK to display the following alert:

Click Yes to continue creating the catalog and open the spec in the Specgen Interface.