OpenPlant Project Administrator Help

Upgrade to OPM

Click to add OpenPlant Modeler (OPM) information to existing PDW specs enabling you to use your existing PDW specs in OpenPlant Modeler. The Upgrade to OPM option can be executed without the need to open these specs in OpenPlant Specification Generator (i.e. these upgraded specs can be used in OpenPlant Modeler as native OpenPlant Modeler specs without any further interaction using Specgen.)
Note: A benefit from this option is the ability to upgrade multiple PDW specs simultaneously without the need to open each spec individually in OpenPlant Specification Generator.
When PDW specs are upgraded, the following information is added to piping tables in the spec:
  • EC_CLASS_NAME: This field is added for all valid OPM component records. This means all PDW classes in the spec that have been mapped to OPM classes in the schema will have an OPM class name added to them.
  • OPERATOR table is generated from PDW valve data. This table is required by OPM to add topworks along with/on valves in OpenPlant Specification Generator component insertion workflow.
Note: Though the Upgrade to OPM option will convert a typical PDW spec to OPM spec that can be used in OpenPlant Modeler, it doesn't update Specgen specific tables to the OPM format. So user still has to either rebuild spec with OpenPlant Modeler catalogs or use the Open Exchange Spec option to use this spec in Specgen.

To Upgrade PDW specs to OPM

  1. Click the Upgrade to OPM icon to display the following dialog:
  2. Click Select Files to display a standard file selection dialog as shown:
  3. Navigate to the location where the PDW spec is stored and Open the spec to be upgraded.
    Note: To select multiple press and hold the Ctrl button while selecting the specs.
  4. The spec(s)are displayed in the Upgrade to OPM dialog as shown:
  5. Click Update to upgrade all of the specs displayed to the OPM spec format.
    Note: If the Update process was unsuccessful, a message box will display the related error information.
  6. After the specs are updated, close the dialog.