OpenPlant Project Administrator Help

Add OPM Information

OpenPlant Specification Generator supports spec generation directly from PDW catalogs. However, specs generated directly from PDW catalogs need to include specific OPM data to be able to run with the OpenPlant Modeler application. If the new specs were created without the Add OPM Information enabled, then you would need to run the Upgrade to OPM option to add the necessary information. So by enabling this option before the spec is built, you can eliminate the extra process.

The following information is added to a spec created using PDW catalogs when the Add OPM Information option is enabled:

  1. EC_CLASS_NAME: This field is added for all valid OPM component records. This means all PDW classes in the spec that have been mapped to OPM classes in the schema will have an OPM class name added to them.
  2. OPERATOR table is generated from PDW valve data. This table is required by OPM to add topworks along with/on valves in Modeler component insertion workflow.
Note: The Add OPM Information option is only available when Enable PDW Settings option is enabled in the Preferences dialog.