OpenPlant Project Administrator Help

Class Browser

The Class Browser provides a venue for the project administrator to add and modify classes used in the OpenPlant Support Engineering application. The classes and their properties are stored in specific tables which reside in the project database.

Note: It is strongly recommended to use the Class Browser to edit these classes instead of editing them in the databases directly.

The Class Browser is basically divided into three different sections. Click on the links to jump to the detailed information for each section of the browser:

  • Navigation Tree
  • Class Information Grid
  • Class Properties Grid

Main Tool Ribbon options

Each page of the Administration tab of the Project Dashboard provides a unique set of options in the Tool Ribbon. Below are the options provided for the Class Browser.

Class The following toolbar options are available when you are working with class items in the Navigation Tree:
  • Create: Creates a new class object under the selected node which is added to the project database. The new object will inherit the properties from the parent properties up the hierarchial tree, with the ability to define new properties for it.
  • Save: Saves the changes made to the class objects in the navigation tree.
  • Delete: Deletes the selected class object from the navigation tree and the project database.
  • Refresh: Refreshes the display of the navigation tree to include any changes.
Note: The Create and Delete options are also available from a context menu which displays when you right-click on a node in the tree.
Property The following toolbar options apply to the Properties grid in the dashboard:
  • Create: Creates a new property record. The property value fields will be blank, but in editing mode.
  • Save: Save any changes made to the Properties pane, including adding new properties, or editing existing ones.
  • Delete: Deletes the selected property record. You will be prompted to confirm the deletion process.
  • Column Edit: Displays the list of property columns which can edited in the properties grid. The checked columns will be able to be edited in the properties grid. The unchecked columns will be displayed, but in a read only (grayed out) format.
Remove the check from any property you do not want displayed and click OK. You will need to close, then reopen the Project Dashboard to implement the changes.
  • Property UI Settings: This option display the Property Grid Options dialog where you specify how the Properties grid will display in the Component Placement dialog.
  • Edit Class Table Links: Displays the Edit Class Table Links used for adding, removing, or modifying Class Table links. Links are references which define what table a class belongs to. The table may be in the repository or in the project.
  • Export Schema: Displays the Export Schema to XML file dialog letting you define the name and location of the XML file to export to.
  • Import Data: Displays a standard Open dialog letting you define what database to import into the dashboard. By Export Data: Displays the Create Export Data File which lets you define the type of data to include in the export file.