OpenPlant Project Administrator Help

Filter Properties Grid

Throughout the Project Dashboard there is a standard properties grid which will display when defining certain items similar to the one shown below:

The grid includes a set of tools for navigating/filtering and sorting the display of records. See the table(s) below for details:

Grid Options

Show Parent Properties (Class Browser) Used in the Class Browser, this option toggles the display of the inherent properties of the parent class(es). These properties are shaded in gray and are read only.
Sort Alphabetically This option is disabled if the Show Parent Properties is not enabled. It sorts the Property records alphabetically by the Property Name.
Filter Results You can filter the display in the grid using a couple of different methods:
  • Click the icon in the top right corner of a column header to display a list of sorting options for the column.
    You can sort the column using a single specific value if desired, or, click the Custom option to use the Custom AutoFilter dialog to build a customized filter for the column results.
  • Beneath each column header is an empty field which allows you to type in a value to use to filter the results. As you type, the results are filtered dynamically using the values in the column.

    Using either method the filter is saved and displayed at the bottom of the grid as shown:

    Once you have typed in a filter for a column, you can move to another column and expand the filter to include specific records using values from that column as well. As you add new filter values, they are added to the string as shown.
To remove the filter, disable the check box next to filter, or click the X to close the filter options.

To edit an existing filter, click the Edit Filter option and use Filter Editor dialog to make any changes.

Navigation Helper Toolbar The toolbar at the bottom of the grid provides the following options:
  • Navigation Arrows: The navigation arrows let you scroll through the property records. The record line number is displayed in the field (Record 1 of 55, etc.)
  • Append: Adds a new record to the bottom of the grid. If an empty record is already present, then it will put the focus on that row. Type in a property name and define other values for the property.
  • Delete: Deletes the selected parameter record from the grid. You may also click the Delete icon from the Tool Ribbon.
  • Edit: Changes the selected record to editing mode allowing you to modify it. You can also double click in a field to edit it.
  • End Edit: Saves the changes to the property and returns the parameter record to a normal state. This can also be accomplished by click in a different property record, or by selecting the Save icon in the Property section of the Tool Ribbon.
  • ancel Edit: Cancels the current editing process without saving the changes. If you were defining a new record and have not defined the required fields, this option will cancel the edit and the new record will not be saved.
Column Edit The Column Edit option is available from the main tool ribbon and displays the following dialog listing the property columns which display in the Properties grid. The checked items will be editable in the grid, while items that are unchecked will be Read-Only.
Once you have made the selections on which items to edit, click OK to apply the changes.
Tool Ribbon The Property Tool Ribbon options are also available to use for the Properties grid.

Right-click Sorting Menu

Right-click in any of the column headers to display the following sort menu providing options to control the display of the properties:

Sort Ascending Sorts the column data in ascending order.
Sort Descending Sorts the column data in descending order.
Clear Sorting Clears the current sorting option.
Group By This Column The grid view can be rearranged to display results by groups using the column headers. To group the results, drag a column header into the Hide Group By Box (empty area) above the column headers. This will group the results using the values in that column. You can drag additional columns into the area to group your results. As you drag a new column, it will be nested underneath the previous one. The result is similar to example shown below with the Lookup List Manager.
To expand a group, click the arrow to the left of it.

To remove the grouping, drag the group back into the column header section of the grid.

Hide Group By Box Hides the section mentioned above which allows you to Group by Column using the drag and drop method.
Remove This Column Removes the column from the display.
Column Chooser Displays the GUID-97EA5A97-3AB2-4A60-8F30-BF22B028840E allowing you to determine which columns to display in the grid.
Best Fit Sizes the selected column to fit the contents.
Best Fit (all columns) Sizes all columns to fit the contents.
Filter Editor Displays the GUID-10AFD563-E3F9-4F76-BB8A-7E930156A39B allowing you to modify the existing filter.
Show Find Panel Displays a search field where you can enter specific items to search for.
Hide Auto Filter Row The grid provide an auto filter row, which allows you to type in a value for any of the grid columns and the grid will automatically be filtered to display records with that value.

The Hide Auto Filter Row turns off this option.

Menu Panel Group Options

When you group the property grid by dragging a column(s) into the grouping area, a right-click menu is available with the following options for controlling the display of the groups:

Menu Group Panel Full Expand Displays the group results in an expanded view which means that all of the records under the group are expanded for viewing.
Menu Group Panel Full Collapse Displays the group results collapsed with no
Menu Group Panel Clear Grouping Clears any grouping that has been applied to the grid.
Hide Group By Box Hides the Group By Box which is the area where you drag column headers into to group the display of results.