OpenPlant Project Administrator Help

Class Browser - Properties Grid

The Class Properties grid displays the various property fields currently defined for the selected Class or Class Object. It is in this grid that you can add or modify property values for the selected class.

Note: The records shaded in gray are properties from the parent classes and are read only.
Edit a Property Field To edit a property field, click in the field and use one of methods to define a value for that field. There are different types of values used to define a property depending on the property. The method to define the value also varies.
  • Enter value directly: These fields such as the Property Name and Description are defined by typing a value directly into the field.
  • Select from a Drop down list: Certain properties are defined by selecting a value directly from a drop down list specific to the property type. For example, the Data Type field has the following values to select from: Text, Real, Integer, or Boolean. This determines the type of value the user will input when working in the OpenPlant Support Engineering interface.
  • Enter an incremental value: Property values which have a number value (such as a Pipe Diameter) can either use the incremental arrows which display in the property field or type in a value.
Save the Changes You can save the changes made to a record using one of the following methods:
  • Click the Save icon from the Tool Ribbon.
  • Click the End Edit option from the Navigation Helper Toolbar. (See below)
  • Click in another row. This will end the edit for the current row and save the changes.
Click Here for details on how to customize the display of the Properties Grid.