OpenPlant Project Administrator Help

Class Browser - Navigation Tree

The Navigation Tree lists the classes in either a Hierarchical or Flat view.

Hierarchical View

The class hierarchy allows the properties defined on a base class to be used for all its child classes (classes created under the base class node). This type of structure eliminates duplication and consolidates related class and property creation. The base class contains common set of properties that all classes will use: Weight, Length, StockCode, &ldots;

These properties only need to be defined once and have a foreign key associated with the base class.

Find Classes or Properties

Search for Classes or Properties using the options available in the Find section at the top of the tree:
Find Type the text in this field to define the search criteria.
Find Class Click to search for Classes containing the text entered in the Find field. Each time you click the icon, the next class that satisfies the search criteria is highlighted.
Find Property Click to search for Properties containing the text entered in the Find field. The property record will be shaded red in the grid. Each time you click the icon, the next property which satisfies the search criteria is highlighted.
Find All Will search for both Classes and Properties. All of the classes and properties that satisfy the search criteria are displayed in the Find Class or Property Dialog. From that dialog, you can scroll through and view each class or property.

Flat View

The Flat view lists all of the classes in a standard list format with no grouping a shown.

If you right click on a class in the list, the option Find Class in Tree View displays. If you click this option, then the Navigation Tree will return to the Hierarchical View with the selected class open allowing you to view where the class is positioned in the hierarchy.
Filter Results To filter the results, type in a value to search for and click the arrow to the right of the field. For instance, if you type in Pipe, only classes with Pipe in the name will display as shown.
Properties The Properties icon turns off the display of the Navigation Tree and lists all of the properties currently defined in the database in a grid view. All of the properties will be editable using the standard editing options available in the Properties Grid and main Tool Ribbon.