AssetWise CONNECT Edition Help

Introduction to AssetWise CONNECT Edition

AssetWise CONNECT Edition offers a full-service approach to managing and monitoring infrastructure and its assets. AssetWise CONNECT Edition is a modular suite of software services that enables organizations to plan asset reliability strategies intelligently, and make informed operational and maintenance decisions that improve your total expenditure. Features can be implemented on an as-needed basis, and can be deployed on premise or hosted online.

AssetWise aligns with industry standards to drive the performance of infrastructure assets throughout their operable life. Its common data environment (CDE) facilitates the interoperation of multiple data sources and third party systems. AssetWise supports business processes across all lifecycle phases, ensuring that all asset information is portable, accurate, and accessible for operational use.

In addition, AssetWise CONNECT Edition includes spatial and data model capabilities.

AssetWise CONNECT Edition is comprised of the following six capability sets:

  • Asset Lifecycle Information Management (ALIM)
  • Asset Reliability
  • Compliance and Safety
  • Operational Analytics
  • Enterprise Interoperability

Asset Lifecycle Information Management (ALIM)

Asset Lifecycle Information Management (ALIM) is a set of capabilities offered via the AssetWise CONNECT Edition suite of products. ALIM is a comprehensive set of tools that allows you to control information throughout the entire asset lifecycle. You can manage changes and ensure the delivery of accurate information to engineering, operations, and maintenance departments. With ALIM, you can integrate configurations best practices into daily operations, for assets, documents, organizations, requirements, and other types of information.

ALIM includes the following capabilities:

  • Asset Configuration and Change Management: The change management feature allows organizations to monitor change management and status updates regarding revision history during asset lifecycle changes. The configuration management feature provides closed-loop process information regarding projects, processes, equipment, organizations, and users throughout their lifecycles.
  • Asset Management: This feature allows you to manage assets and their configurations, including product and item baselines, snapshots, serialized items, as well as persistence and change management of assets and physical items.
  • Document Control : This feature provides effective, efficient, and accurate capturing, managing, controlling, retrieving, distribution, and archiving of all types of infrastructure asset information.
  • Records Management : This feature provides complete lifecycle management of all corporate records and associated information, including compliance with corporate or regulatory record-keeping policies.
  • Requirements Management: This feature provides real time updates regarding design specifications, and provides the tools to ensure regulatory compliance.
  • Spatial Linear Network Management: This feature allows users to graphically view and report on linear networks, related assets, and attributes together with other spatially-located information, using intuitive map and navigation tools.

Asset Reliability

Through AssetWise CONNECT Edition AssetWise Asset Reliability, enterprises can increase asset availability and reduce operational costs via the following four capabilities:

  • Strategy Development
  • Reliability Program Management - This feature includes Work Exchange functionality, for managing and monitoring work tasks assigned to users and skill groups
  • Inspection Management
  • Asset Health Monitoring

Compliance and Safety

Through AssetWise CONNECT Edition Compliance and Safety, enterprises can achieve progressive assurance throughout a contract's lifecycle.

The Compliance and Safety suite of services includes these six capabilities:

Enterprise Interoperability

AssetWise Enterprise Interoperability is comprised of the following four capabilities:
  • Automation and Control System Integration - This feature includes Importing and Exporting data into and out of AssetWise CONNECT Edition
  • ERP/EAM System Connectors
  • GIS Connector
  • Online Data Collection Connectors