AssetWise CONNECT Edition Help

Importing and Exporting Data

AssetWise CONNECT Edition provides Import and Export services to assist users in loading or retrieving various AssetWise objects such as documents, assets, projects, and other types of objects.

You can export and import objects from the Import and Export tile on the AssetWise CONNECT Edition Launch Pad.

In order to use the AssetWise CONNECT Edition Import and Export functionality, the following must first be set up via AssetWise Director:

  1. Create a Data Import and Export Mapping File object
  2. Attach a mapping file to the Data Import and Export Mapping File object
  3. Assign access permission for the Data Import and Export Mapping File object.
Note: For more information about preparing AssetWise for importing and exporting data, refer to the AssetWise CONNECT Edition Implementation Guide, and AssetWise Director setup instructions.

Data Import and Export Packages

A data import/export package is the starting point for loading data into or extracting from AssetWise. A data import/export package is a special AssetWise document, used to store one or more export or import files.

See Creating an Import and Export Package, for more information.

Export Files

AssetWise CONNECT Edition allows users to export Microsoft Excel worksheet templates that are to be used to record data such as objects and attributes, for example, for importing intoAssetWise. The export file is saved as a Microsoft Excel file which includes various worksheets depending on what is selected to be exported, as determined by its associated mapping file. The mapping file is an XML file that essentially tells AssetWise what data to include, and where to put it.

In order to export objects via AssetWise CONNECT Edition, you must add the export file to an Import and Export package, link it to a mapping file and then select the worksheets that will be saved with the Export data file.

See Exporting Data for more information about creating an export file.

Import Files

When the export file has been populated with all of theAssetWise data such as objects, attributes, it can be added to a Data Import and Export Package, and then uploaded into AssetWise. The import file is populated Microsoft Excel files that have been exported via AssetWise.

AssetWise CONNECT Edition records the status of each import into a detailed log file, so that the errors can be reviewed and corrected.

See Importing Data for more information.