AssetWise CONNECT Edition Help

Spatial and Linear Network Management

The Spatial and Linear Network Management feature of AssetWise CONNECT Edition allows users to graphically view and report on linear networks, related assets, and attributes together with other spatially-located information, using intuitive map and navigation tools.

In AssetWise CONNECT Edition, administrators determine during configuration, what type of location an asset may have: a linear location (i.e., against the network), an off network location, or a standalone geometry (i.e., its true shape in the real world). Regarding network locations, a point geometry asset may only have a point linear location, whereas a polygon geometry asset can support either a point location or linear location in AssetWise CONNECT Edition. Linear locations for line and polygon geometries are not currently supported.

The following topics describe spatial and linear network management, in AssetWise CONNECT Edition.

For information about setting up and managing map presets, see Map Configuration.