STAAD.Pro Help

Material Parameter dialog

Used to add or modify a custom steel material for use in the Chinese Steel Design workflow.

Opens when the Material tool is selected on the Chinese Steel Design ribbon tab in the Settings group.

Tip: A set of predefined steel materials from GB50017-2017 Table 4.4.1 are included in the Materials - Whole Structure dialog and can be used for the model.
Note: Custom materials added in the Chinese Steel Design workflow are saved to the current model only.

Click Add to add a new user-defined material which can then be edited by selecting it in the table below and then clicking Modify. Only user-defined materials can be edited or deleted.

Material Name Type a unique ID used to identify the material in parameters and reports.
Max Thickness Type the maximum thickness for which this material can be used (in mm). If a section element exceeds this thickness when the material is used, a warning will be generated in the design results.
Yield Strength fy
Tensile Strength f
Shear Strength fv
Section Bearing Strength fce
Ultimate Tensile Strength The rupture tensile strength, fu.