STAAD.Pro Help

D. To add a custom material definition

To add a user-defined steel material definition for use with the Chinese Steel Design workflow, use the following procedure.

The standard steel values for Chinese steel design from Table 4.4.1 of GB50017-2017 are included in the STAAD.Pro material definitions for use in the analytical modeling workflow. The material yield stress (fy) used for the design parameter should match that in the STAAD.Pro analytical model. Otherwise, a warning is produced in the member check report.
If a custom material definition is used in the analytical model, then you can add a custom material definition for the Chinese steel design workflow as well.
  1. On the Chinese Steel Design ribbon tab in the Settings group, select the Material tool.

    The Material Parameter dialog opens.
  2. Click Add. A new row labeled "USERDEFINEn" is added to the bottom of the table.
  3. Select the new row.
    Note: The default material values are "read only" (marked in gray). These cannot be edited or deleted.
    The material values are populated with the defaults.
  4. Type a Material Name.
  5. Type a Max Thickness for which these values will apply. The same material name can have different Max T values.
  6. Type the strength values which apply for this material name and max. thickness.
    • Yield Strength (fy)
    • Tensile Strength (f)
    • Shear Strength (fv)
    • Section Bearing Strength (fce)
    • Ultimate Tensile Strength (fu)
  7. Repeat steps 2 through 6 to add additional material definitions.
  8. Click Close.
You can now select this material name in the parameter definition.