STAAD.Pro Help

Chinese Steel Design tab

Table 1. Settings group
Tool name Description

Secondary Member
Opens the Assign Secondary Member dialog, which is used to identify a member as a secondary member. The members they frame into will not be considered as restrained when determining automatic effective length calculations.

Brace Angle
Opens the Brace Angle dialog, which is used to set the angle between the brace and the beam in both directions.

Opens the Material Parameter dialog, which is used to add or modify a custom steel material for use in the Chinese Steel Design workflow.  
Table 2. Design group
Tool name Description

Opens the Chinese Steel Design dialog, which is used to select the design options and checks to be performed as well as to initiate the design process.
Table 3. Solution group
Tool name Description

Opens the Configure Solultion dialog, which is used to select parameters to include within a solution set. This allows you to run different solution scenarios within the same model.
Solution Selection Select the current solution set name from the drop-down list to use in the design process.
Table 4. Select group
Tool name Description

Selects all members that have failed one or more design checks.

Selects all members that passed all the design checks.

Selects all members that have a maximum utilization of less than 30% of the design requirements.

Not Designed
Selects all members that have not been included in a design.

All beams in the selection set are deselected and any previously unselected beams are added to the selection set.

Select beams that are parallel to the selected global axis.
  • To XY
  • To YZ
  • To XZ

Opens the Select Groups dialog, which is used to select objects in a named group.

Property Name
Used to select nodes and members based on specifications associated with them. A number of specification types are included in the sub-menu list.

Missing Parameter
Select members which do not have parameter set assigned.
Table 5. Labels group
Tool name Description

Toggles the display of assigned parameter name for members.

Toggles the display of governing code check ratio for members.
Table 6. Results group
Tool name Description

Apply Optimize Results
Click to apply any update section sizes selected in the Results detail dialog. You will be prompted to re-analyze the structure.

Table Settings
Opens the Define Results Column dialog, which is used to select the table columns included in the results.
Table 7. Output group
Tool name Description

Member Report
Opens the detailed design results for a single member. Use the tools to select which items are included in the report as well as to export it to different outputs.

Export Report
Opens the Export Report dialog, which is used to select portions of the results to include in a report.