STAAD.Pro Help

G.7 Member and Element Release

STAAD.Pro allows releases for members and plate elements.

One or both ends of a member or element can be released in any combination of the six degrees of freedom. Members and elements are assumed to be rigidly framed into joints in accordance with the structural type specified. When this full rigidity is not applicable, individual force components at either end of the member can be set to zero with member release statements. By specifying release components, individual degrees of freedom are removed from the analysis. Release components are given in the local coordinate system for each member. Partial moment releases are also allowed.

Degrees of Freedom

The translational degrees of freedom are denoted by u1, u2, u3 and the rotational degrees of freedom are denoted by u4, u5 & u6.
Note: A specific member can have either end releases (see G.7 Member and Element Release) or axial-only specifications (see G.8 Axial-Only Specifications) properties assigned. The last specification for a given member will be used. In other words, a MEMBER RELEASE should not be applied on a member which is declared TRUSS, TENSION ONLY, COMPRESSION ONLY, or CABLE.