STAAD.Pro Help

M. To assign plate corner release

To release degrees of freedom of a plate element corner node, use the following procedure.

Releases are created for each node (by reference order) separately. To release multiple corners, you must create multiple specifications.
  1. (オプション) Select the plates which will have the same plate release specifications assigned.
  2. On the Specification ribbon tab, select the Plate > Release tool in the Specifications group.

    The Plate Specs dialog opens to the Release tab.
  3. Select which Node to which the release applies. These are based on the local coordinate system for the element.
    ヒント: To quickly identify the order of element corners, use the Plate Cursor tool and double click a plate. The Plate query dialog displays the nodes in order on the Geometry tab.
  4. Check the Release directions. These are FX, FY, FZ, MX, MY, and MZ. Any directions not checked will be fully restrained in that degree of freedom.
  5. Either:
    To… Do the following…
    add the specification to the model and assign to the current plate selection click Assign.
    add the specification to the model for later assignment click Add.
    The dialog closes.