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M. To assign specifications to physical members

To assign member end or axial specifications to physical members, use the following procedure.

Physical members can have member end releases, member end offsets, and truss specifications. Other analytical member specifications do not apply to physical members.

注記: For a physical member whose physical member specification is already assigned, the individual analytical members in that Physical member will adopt the same member specification that of the physical member. However, in case, where the analytical member specification is assigned to any member in that physical member, then this analytical member specification will supersede physical member specification.
  1. Select the Specifications page in the Analytical Modeling page control bar. The Specifications - Whole Structure dialog opens.
  2. On the Geometry ribbon tab, select the Toggle Physical Member Mode tool in the Physical Members group.

    The tool is highlighted to indicate the mode is active.
  3. Click Beam in the Specifications - Whole Structure dialog. The Member Specification dialog opens.
    注記: The dialog only shows three tabs in the physical modeling mode.
  4. Select the specification type you want to assign:

    Release – one or more degrees of freedom are free or partially restrained at one end of the member


    Offset – a rigid offset is present between one end of the member and the joint


    Truss – members are capable of carrying axial forces only

  5. Add Release or Offset attributes as you would for analytical members.
    1. Select the Location on the member: Start or End.
    2. For a Release, select if either partial or full release and the degrees of freedom of the release.
    3. For an Offset, select the directions of the offset.
  6. Click Add.