STAAD.Pro Help

M. To assign member end offsets

To assign a rigid end offset to one end of a member, use the following procedure.

Member end offsets can be used to model any situation where the end of the actual member does not coincide with the analytical node used for the member end incidence. For example,
  • working points that do not align (e.g., a gusset plate connection)
  • rigid end zones (e.g., a beam that connects to the flange of a stiff column)
  • modeling top of steel (e.g., the center line of a beam that supports a slab)
  1. (オプション) Select the members which will all have the same member specification assigned.
  2. On the Specification ribbon tab, select the Beam > Offset tool in the Specification group.

    The Member Specification dialog opens to the Offset tab.
  3. Select which Location on the member to which the offset applies: Start or End.
  4. Select which Direction reference to use for the offset values: Global or Local.
  5. Type the Offsets to use along each of the X, Y, and Z axes.
  6. Either:
    To… Do the following…
    add the specification to the model and assign to the current member selection click Assign.
    add the specification to the model for later assignment click Add.
    The dialog closes.