STAAD.Pro Help

I. Using ProjectWise in STAAD.Pro

ProjectWise is an engineering project team collaboration system which is used to help teams improve quality, reduce rework, and meet project deadlines. One of the major pieces of functionality provided by ProjectWise is an Integration Server which allows data to be managed and shared across a distributed enterprise.

Note: This functionality requires that only one version ProjectWise be installed. It is strongly recommend that you use version of the ProjectWise Design Integration client on the computer running STAAD.Pro. For more details on ProjectWise refer to the ProjectWise Design Integration client installation documentation. Refer to the ProjectWise Version Support Matrix for additional details.


As authentication is required to access files stored on a ProjectWise repository, a login dialog allows the required details to be entered either with specific user credentials or by using the current windows login credentials.

Files that are accessed from a ProjectWise server are "Checked Out" and stored locally during the STAAD.Pro session until the file is closed and then it is returned to the server.