STAAD.Pro Help

I. To share a STAAD.Pro project in ProjectWise

To share your STAAD.Pro input files and selected files associated with that project to a ProjectWise datasource, use the following procedure.

You cannot share a project when a STAAD input file is open in the program.
Shared files are saved as STAAD.Pro Archive files (file extension .stz).
  1. Select the Share page on the Start page.
  2. Select ProjectWise.

  3. Select the File Name of the STAAD input file you want to share. Click Browse to navigate to the file using a Windows open dialog.
  4. (Optional) Select the files associated with the input file you want included in the archive. All files are selected by default.
  5. Click Add. You are prompted to log in to a ProjectWise datasource.
  6. Select your Datasource and then click Log in. The Save Document As dialog opens.
    Note: Depending on your ProjectWise Explorer configuration, you may further be prompted to select a Wizard for document creation. Please refer to the ProjectWise Explorer Help for further information on this feature.
  7. Select a Folder in your ProjectWise datasource and provide any optional Document data.
  8. Click Save. The Add comment dialog opens.
  9. Type a descriptive comment for the and click Add.
Your project archive is now saved to your ProjectWise datasource.
You can open this archive file from the Open > ProjectWise tab in the Start page.