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New in ProjectWise Project Insights

Latest Enhancements

(January 2021)

  • New dashboard tabs for external planning and scheduling data:
    • Plan & Schedule Overview
    • Task Retrospective
    • Document Retrospective
    • Pending Tasks & Documents
    • Plan & Schedule Details

    These tabs will contain information that has been manually exported from your external planning and scheduling system (such as Primavera P6) and imported into your ProjectWise database.

  • ProjectWise Project Performance Dashboards has been deprecated

(December 2020)

  • More Deliverables Management tabs:
    • Submittal to do
    • Submittal trends
    • Draft transmittal to do
    • Sent transmittal - pending actions
    • Transmittal trends

Previous Enhancements

(June 2020 and earlier)

Deliverables Management Data

ProjectWise Project Insights can now display statistics about transmittals and submittals from ProjectWise Deliverables Management.

ProjectWise Project Insights tracks:

  • How many deliverable documents have been accepted/approved
  • How many documents still require work (either review is not yet finished, or review is finished but a new version is not yet created/sent for re-review)
  • How many documents are overdue to review, or overdue to fix and re-issue
  • The average ongoing task duration (are there any bottlenecks on the client review team side, or on vendor organization side?)

No configuration is required to make your ProjectWise Deliverables Management data available in ProjectWise Project Insights. As soon as you turn on ProjectWise Project Insights in the same ProjectWise project where ProjectWise Deliverables Management is already turned on and in use, ProjectWise Project Insights will begin to process the existing ProjectWise Deliverables Management data. Once the data has been processed, it is automatically displayed on the new Incoming Deliverables and Outgoing Deliverables tabs in the dashboard.

See Incoming deliverables tab

Configuration Maps

To ensure that ProjectWise Project Insights gets properly configured, and that you do not accidentally skip or overlook any steps of the configuration, two new configuration maps have been added to the portal. As soon as the administrator turns on ProjectWise Project Insights and enters the portal, the Overview and Incoming deliverables tabs will each display a configuration map that shows what configuration still needs to be done for that type of data, and all other dashboard tabs will be disabled.

  • Overview tab - Shows you the general configuration steps required for displaying ProjectWise Design Integration data, and which steps still need to be completed.
  • Incoming Deliverables tab - Shows you the general configuration steps required for displaying ProjectWise Deliverables Management data, and which steps still need to be completed.

These configuration maps are designed to walk the administrator through the configuration process, and will display for all visitors to the ProjectWise Project Insights portal until all of the required configuration is complete, or unless the administrator hides those tabs.

See Configuration Maps

Renaming Dashboard Tabs

You can now rename any standard or custom tab in the dashboard.

See Organizing the Tabs in the Dashboard

User Feedback

You can now provide suggestions or comments about ProjectWise Project Insights by clicking the Feedback button (lower right corner of the dashboard) which takes you to an "Ideas" portal just for ProjectWise Project Insights where you can leave your feedback.