ProjectWise Explorer Help

Creating Renditions

Bentley i-model Composition Server for PDF lets ProjectWise Explorer users create a new rendition (PDF, JPEG, TIFF, or CALS) from any DGN, DWG, Word, Excel, PDF, raster image, or InterPlot Plot Set (IPS) file in ProjectWise. The new rendition is stored in ProjectWise as well. You can also configure the system to distribute the source file when you create a rendition.

To be able to create renditions, your administrator must first set up Bentley i-model Composition Server for PDF and then configure various rendition settings (stored in rendition profiles) in ProjectWise Administrator.

Rendition profiles contain the settings (stored in rendition profile components) that control what happens to the documents selected for processing. At its simplest, creating a rendition looks like this:

  1. Select a document.
  2. Select Document > Create Renditions.
  3. Select a rendition profile in the Create Renditions dialog and click Submit.

Rendition profiles are designed to keep things easy for the user, but the administrator can still provide some options for the user. For example, the administrator may set up the rendition profile so that the user has control over where the renditions and (optionally) distributed source files will be stored. Also, for any rendition profile component, the administrator may provide several options to choose from. If there are multiple rendition profiles in the datasource, the administrator will tell you which one(s) you should be using.

The administrator may also configure the system to send you an email notification when the job is complete. Email notifications contain information about the job such as job success or failure, job summary/properties, and links to the input and output files.

Tip: The Document > Create Renditions option only appears in ProjectWise Explorer if your administrator has configured at least one rendition profile in ProjectWise Administrator. If this option is missing, it means your administrator has not configured Bentley i-model Composition Server for PDF and you cannot create renditions through ProjectWise Explorer.